The Jakiri Cooperative Credit Union Limited (JACCUL) MFI was created in 1967
with Tamfu Raphael Mbinkar and Maurice Ndzeidze pioneering as President
and Treasurer respectively.
JACCUL opened her first bank account with BIAO-Cameroon and joined the
Risk Management Scheme of CamCCUL in 1976.
Emphasis was laid, at Board of directors meeting discussions, on Loan
Delinquency, Cash Shortages & Fraud (by staff), and Low Attendance at
Education and Annual General Meetings.
Savings were generated through Thrift and Loan Scheme named locally as
“SAMTAN” with members meeting every Sunday and “Country Sunday”.
In 2002 the insolvent Credit Unions of the Jakiri Sub Division amalgamated with
JACCUL for viability. On the eve of her 40 th anniversary which was celebrated in
October 2008, JACCUL joined the technological world by computerizing her
services in 2007.
Since 2012 JACCUL has been operating in her own magnificent two-storey
building situated about 150 meters away from the Jakiri Roundabouts.
JACCUL has 4 Branches: Jakiri, Nkar, Bamenda, Yaoundé and Fako (Limbe) created 2021.
JACCUL is the leading Credit Union in the Kumbo Chapter of Credit Unions
under the umbrella of CamCCUL.
The management of JACCUL comprises the Board of Directors, the Supervisory
Board, the Youth Committee, the Women’s Committee, the Promotion
Committee and a competent staff of 23.