Affordable Loans

As a member you are eligible for a loan yes to a loan it your right as a member to take loan as per your capacity to repay. our lending team makes sure your are taking loans for the right reasons as we have loans for every activity that will make your life easy and much fun examples of some of the loans that we offer
  • School fee loans
  • House loans
  • Business loans
  • Agriculture loans
  • Contract loans
  • ┬áBirthday loans and many more just move to our offices and be wowed by our services
  • Express loans


1. Must be a member for at least 3 months
2. Must be at least 21 years as at the date of applying the loan
3. Must not be 70 years as at de date of application except loan is within savings or is backed by a
suretee or bank standing oreder
4. Have regular movement in his or her savings account
5. Demonstrate his or her capacity to repay trough a budget surplus with verifiable source of
6. Have a good savings and loan history with the credit Union
7. Must have a down payment of at least 30% for consumption loans and 20% for business and
contract financing
8. Have filled a standard loan application form and pay a non refundable processing fee of 50%
9. No loan shall be granted to a member whose name is on the network blacklist or who is a
member of another credit Union